The Unfortunate Bato Dela Rosa by John Nery
There are at least three reasons why Dela Rosa has seriously damaged the institution he leads. As early as January this year, these reasons were already clear to any observer of the PNP’s performance and indeed to any genuine friend or ally of the President’s. In the aftermath of the scandal over the kidnapping and killing of the retired Korean businessman Jee Ick-joo right inside PNP headquarters (the crime took place in October, but came to light only in January), one of the President’s closest political allies, Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, called on Dela Rosa to resign. In the agitated statement Speaker Alvarez released on Jan. 20, after the full scale of the scandal became clear and threatened to bring the President’s so-called war on drugs to a permanent and premature end, the three reasons can already be discerned.

Now, in the wake of the revelations last week about the hidden detention cells inside Manila Police District Station No. 1, and especially after Dela Rosa bombastically offered what Sen. Panfilo Lacson rightly called an “incomprehensible” and “very arrogant” defense of the secret jail, it is time to revisit Alvarez’s position.


3 May 2014

Such a hot day; yesterday the mercury reacheds 36.5 thereabouts.  I long to be ins HKG in February, 12 degrees C.

It is Saturday; stopped working.  Tried to download “Boardwalk Empire,” from, but no response.  Last night, an episode,er

of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.  Marveled at some places in India.  A. stayed at a house owned by one of the Maharaja’s during the time of the British Raj. Had a sit-down dinner with an historian and a state solocitor over a dish of mutton and muligatawny soup.

The house, although old, still retains its rich trappings.  The grandson owns it now, and has made it into a small hotel, to pay for itsupkeep. Bourdain takes a walk to the border between Indian and Pakistan. He is told by his guide that there  is a farm owned by Indians that is partly in Pakistaer and everday workers come across the border to tend to the farm.  There are houses that originate in Indian soil and end in Pakistan.  “You enter a door in India, but exit another door to Pakistan.In 194x the partition of India was done by drawing an arbitrary line on the map by (   ) and mass exodus began.  It resulted in riots that took more than 2 million lives–a situation that Partition was supposed to prevent.

I couldn’t finish my Stuart Woods novel.  Sat in bed and couldn’t concentrate on anything.  Thought about taking a walk; but it is

On November 30, 2011 the parish of St. Andrew will mark its  45th anniversary.

An indulgence, according to the Roman Catholic Church, is a means of remission of the temporal punishment for sins which have already been forgiven but are due to the Christian in this life and/or in purgatory.  This punishment is most often in purgatory but can also be suffered in this life.  An indulgence removes time needed to be spent in purgatory.  There are two kinds of indulgences:  partial and plenary.  A partial indulgence removes part of the punishment of sins.  A plenary indulgence removes all of the punishment of sins.   Granting an indulgence of a certain number of days or years means that is how many days or years is removed from the time of punishment a person must undergo in purgatory.

On the inside of the cover of the New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism published in 1969 there is a prayer. After the prayer it says the following: “An indulgence of five years. A plenary indulgence on the usual conditions, provided this prayer has been recited daily for a month.” This means that by saying the prayer properly five years is removed from a person’s time in purgatory!


On the same page of the New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism it says, “The faithful who devote 20 minutes to a half hour to teaching or studying Christian doctrine, may gain: an indulgence of three years.  A plenary indulgence on the usual conditions twice a month, if the above practice is carried out at least twice a month.”

Cat is sleeping with toy.

So, we can see that according to this catechism if you say the prayer properly you can have five years removed from your time in purgatory.  Likewise, if the faithful devote 20 minutes to a half hour to teaching or studying Christian doctrine, they can have three years removed from purgatory.  Is this biblical?  Not at all.  It is ridiculous to think that reading doctrine and saying a prayer removes time of punishment in the Catholic-invented place called purgatory.  It is nothing more than a means to control the Catholics and keep them dependent on “The Mother Church.”



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